Gujarat New Academic Calendar

Are you looking for Gujarat New Academic Calendar? Do you know that the new academic calendar of Gujarat has been declared. The Gujarat Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education has released the academic calendar for the year 2023-24.

Gujarat New Academic Calendar: It specifies a total of 80 days for students to enjoy their well-deserved break, including the much-awaited Diwali vacation. If the Government makes any changes in the dates mentioned in this calendar, necessary adjustments will be implemented accordingly.

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Calendar of School Activities Released 2023-24

The Board of Education has announced the calendar of school activities for the academic year 2023-24. Along with information about academic sessions, exam dates, exam guidelines and holidays, it also provides the exact dates of class-10 and 12 board exams.

Please note that any changes made by the government to these dates will require setting up a new schedule.

Gujarat New Academic Calendar 2024 Released

The school activity calendar for the academic year 2023-24 has been announced by the Board of Education. It includes academic session days, school exam date details, exam notifications, vacation days, public holidays details and class-10 and 12 board exam date details. It has also been stated that if any changes are made in these dates by the government, they will have to be changed accordingly.

The new academic session will start from June 5

From June 5 to November 8, the next academic session demands completion of 124 days of curriculum during its initial session. The second session is scheduled to start from November 30 after the Diwali vacation.

How long will the Diwali vacation last?

The academic year will start from June 5 with the implementation of the latest calendar. Students can expect 21 days relaxation from September 9 to September 29 for Diwali festivities. The school year will end with summer vacation, giving students a total of 35 days of rest. In short, students will enjoy ample holidays of 80 days.

When will the board exam start?

According to the data provided by the educational authorities, the commencement of the 10th and 12th board exams has been fixed on 11th March and tentatively scheduled on 28th March. Further, the practical assessment of students pursuing scientific studies for class 12 students will be held on March 11. February 19. Further, the preliminary session exam is scheduled for October 3.

The new academic session will start from June 5

The new academic session will start from June 5 and will continue till November 8. That means 124 days of study will have to be done in the first semester. And after the Diwali vacation, the second session will start from November 30

How long will the Diwali vacation last?

According to the new academic calendar, the first session of schools will start from June 5. And there will be 21 days Diwali vacation. There will be Diwali vacation from September 9 to September 29. Thus during the year students will get 21 days Diwali and 35 days summer vacation. And thus a total of 80 days of holidays will be available.

When will the board exam start?

According to the information provided by the education board, the board exams of class 10 and 12 will start from March 11. and will be completed on March 28. While the Class 12 Science practical exam will begin on February 19. Also, the first session exam will be conducted from October 3.

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